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In this forever changing industry, InfoSolutions-IT has evolved into a leading Web design, implementation and integration workshop. Our strength lies in our technologies and a full range of creative and technical support services.

WEBCASE At a time when profits are closely tied to how customers view your business and your commitment to serving them, InfoSolutions-IT Inc. offers a unique customer centric development tool, WebCase. This incredible tool cuts production time and cost effectively allows us an infinite flexibility to develop your customized applications tailored to your needs and specifications. Don’t conform to other softwares, allow our team and WebCase cost effectively and efficiently conform to your needs.
Marketing At InfoSolutions-IT, we do not measure Internet success only in terms of the number of hits. While the number of impressions of your web page may be important for advertising purposes, we focus on results that have a tangible impact on the bottom line of your organization.

One to one -
We work in partnership with our clients. We understand and effectively adapt to the growing needs of this forever-changing industry. For several years now, InfoSolutions-IT Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to remain in the forefront of technological change and to engineer software solutions that meet today's sophisticated needs.

Companies in all industries today are faced with rising customer disloyalty and shrinking margins. But some firms are enjoying surprising successes by focusing on individual customers, using technology to create long-term, individualized, one-to-one (1to1) relationships. The concept of 1to1 Marketing is based on the simple idea of treating different customers differently. Companies initiate 1to1-marketing programs in order to create more loyal, profitable customers, and to protect their margins from erosion. The actual, detailed mechanics of a 1to1 marketing strategy depend on understanding the various ways customers are different, and how these differences should affect the firm's behavior toward particular, individual customers.

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